25 Random Facts

1) I’m naturally blonde
2) My baba (grandma) wanted to name me Svetlana not Kayla
3) I had dark hazel eyes until this year and now they are rather green!
4) I hate being complimented but I need to hear it
5) I’m terrified to fail so sometimes that means I won’t try
6) I love watching hockey and basketball
7) I’m an easy going kind of girl – I love make up and doing my hair but I’m just as comfy in a hoodie and a pair of LLL pants!
8) I don’t always trust people until they prove they deserve my trust
9) I love to help people before they have to ask for it
10) I am an only child but sometimes I wish I had an older brother SO BAD
11) I used to sing, write music, and play the piano but because one person told me I’d never make it I gave up and that is the 1st of two things I’ve ever regretted in life
12) I’m obsessed with hoodies and cardigans
13) I always have to have 2-3 different kinds of deodorant to choose from
14) I hate putting cream on my body – I feel sticky
15) I love pearls
16) Pink is one of my favourite colours
17) I am addicted to my iPhone and love my iPad; it makes me think about just breaking down and buying a macbook too
18) I have never been to a casino
19) I am not a fan of drinking
20) I want nothing more in this world than to have a big beautiful family
21) I have a thing for buying underwear.... I can’t walk by Aerie or AE or La Senza without checking to see if they have any new cute ones
22) My room is green
23) I’m deathly afraid of spiders!  I am also terrified of bees, birds, bugs, butterflies, and I am scared of the dark too
24) If I give someone my word that is the most important and valuable thing I can give
25) I wish the world would just pause for 5 minutes so we could take a look around and be thankful for what we have and realize there are so many people out there who need help; and we are the people who can help them