Monday, January 31, 2011

Cheryl Cole - Elle magazine cover look by Lisa Eldridge


Adventures In Makeup: Giveaway: Bombshell (Naughty & Nice)

Adventures In Makeup: Giveaway: Bombshell (Naughty & Nice): "Hello! I've been busy gathering items for the next giveaway. I wanted to do a 'bombshell' themed giveaway this time, just in time for Valen..."

The Crazy Bitch Beauty Gazette: Febuary's Ultimate MAC Giveaway!

The Crazy Bitch Beauty Gazette: Febuary's Ultimate MAC Giveaway!: "Okay I decided to have a huge giveaway this month to celebrate and say thank you to all my lovely follower and I know you are all MAC c..."

Sunday, January 30, 2011

This or That?

1.       Blush or bronzer? Blush
2.       Lipgloss or lipstick? Lipgloss
3.       Eyeliner or mascara? Mascara
4.       Foundation or concealer? Foundation
5.       Neutral or coloured eyeshadow? Neutral
6.       Pressed or loose eyeshadow? Pressed
7.       Brushes or sponges? Brushes
8.       OPI or China Glaze? OPI
9.       Long or Short nails? Short
10.   Acrylic or natural? Natural
11.   Bright or darks? Hmmm that is tough!  I love both for nail polishes!
12.   Flower or no flower? I love flowers
13.   Perfume or body splash? Perfume
14.   Lotion or body butter? Lotion
15.   Body wash or soap? Body wash
16.   Lush or other bath company? Bath and Body Works!  I do love Lush but I have never been to a store, to be honest.  I have only ordered online once nad was so/so about my choices.
17.   Jeans or sweatpants? Each have their own time and place :)
18.   Longsleeve or short?Long or 3/4 length
19.   Dresses or skirts? Dresses
20.   Stripes or plaid? Plaid
21.   Flip flops or sandals? Birks
22.   Scarves or hats? Scarves
23.   Studs or dangly earrings? Studs
24.   Necklaces or bracelets? I received a Pandora bracelet for Christmas and I love it!  Normally I dislike wearing braceletes but this one hasn't gotten in my way.  I do love dainty necklaces too, so this one is a tie!
25.   Heels or flats? Flats (I am nearly 5' 9)
26.   Cowboy boots or riding boots? Riding boots
27.   Jacket or hoodie? Again, each have their own time and place.  I love feeling cuddly in a hoodie but sometimes they aren't the most appropriate choice
28.   Forever 21 or Charlotte Ruse? Forever 21 as I don't believe we have Charlotte Ruse in Canada.
29.   Abercrombie or Hollister?  Neither, I'm not anorexic nor am I 15.
30.   Saks Fifth Ave or Nordstrom’s? Couldn't tell ya!
31.   Curly or straight hair? Straight hair is my go to look but I really enjoy loose soft curls
32.   Bun or ponytail? If I am putting my hair up it usually goes up in a bun
33.   Bobbypin or butterfly clip? Bobby pins, definitely!
34.   Hairspray or gel? Hairspray
35.   Long or short? Long
36.   Light or dark? Light
37.   Side swept bangs or full? Side swept
38.   Rain or shine? Shine
39.   Summer or winter? Summer
40.   Fall or spring? Fall
41.   Chocolate or vanilla? French vanilla ice cream is to die for but I prefer almost everything else in chocolate lol
42.   East coast or west? East

I tag each and every one of my followers!  I would love to see what your response are :)


Megan's Beauty Blog: Remington GiveawaySo before christmas Remington ...

Megan's Beauty Blog: Remington Giveaway

So before christmas Remington ...
: "Remington Giveaway So before christmas Remington sent me one of there Pearl wands to giveaway to one of you. I have also bought one for m..."

Friday, January 28, 2011


Hey beauties!

I was just wondering if you had any suggestions about cameras!  I want to start filming videos for my blog and youtube channel but I need to buy a camera first!  What do you guys use?  Do you have any suggestions?

Let me know what you think!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Exposed Envy is eliminating fashion faux pas one bra strap at a time! Contest!

Exposed Envy is eliminating fashion faux pas one bra strap at a time! Contest!

Versatile Bloggers Award!

Hey everyone! 

This sweet girl, Viv, posted on my Shout Out post and gave me the VERSATILE BLOGGERS AWARD!  I was so honoured and wanted to do a post thanking her!

Please take a moment to check out her blog and subscribe! :)


stila: blog: get the look - spring 2011

stila: blog: get the look - spring 2011: "it's easy to fall in love with the look from stila's spring collection. the products are incredible and the final result is unique and..."

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hey everyone!

I have been trying out some new hair products and I thought I would tell you about them!  I was looking for something to protect my hair before I flat iron it and I came across the CHI 44 Iron Guard.  I have been using it for about a week or two and it really works!  It has helped to smooth out and protect my hair fromt he heat.  I definitely would go easy on it though, I have sprayed too much and it made my hair look greasy.  The second product I have been trying out is also from CHI, it is the Keratin Mist!  I am a natural blonde but I get highlights in my hair, all over my head, so I try to replensih my hair in every way I can.  Highlighting can be quite damaging!  I use this mist after I have towel dried and combed out my hair.  again, less is more.  I wouldn't go too spray crazy unless you have dry hair, in that case your hair just might need it!  Overall I have noticed a change in my hair after using these products for about two weeks.  My hair is smoother, shinier, and has more life to it! 

Let me know if you have any questions about these products and I will do my best to answer them for you!



Hey beauties! 

I hope you all had an incredible day/night!  I had a very busy one :) It is almost midnight here in Ontario, Canada and all I can think about is makeup.  Most nights I am able to drift off to sleep peacefully without pause.  Tonight is different!  For many years I have dabbled from cosmetic line to cosmetic line and have never really found an entire line that satisfies me.  It was always one piece from here and another piece from there.  But never a brand I could get everything from.  That has changed!  Stila Cosmetics is a brand that I am proud to attach my name to.  It is a brand that I promote any time I am in a beauty boutique and I see someone searching for the right eyeliner or shadow.  This brand has everything I need and want and their attention to women "On the Go" is remarkable.  Many products can be used for lips and/or cheeks and dual ended brushes save time and space! 

I just thought I would share the love and let you know how much I adore this brand!  If you have any questions please send them my way and I will do my very best to answer them myself or have the lovely Sarah Lucero give you a hand :)

Kajal Eyeliners and Peony Convertible Colour,

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bridal Makeup!

Hey dolls!

I just might be doing my first wedding! WOO!  Nothing is set in stone yet, but the offer has been put out there.  Do any of you makeup lovers have any tips or tricks?  Anything you have to offer would be greatly appreciated :)  Two brains are better than one! ha ha ha

Thanks so much!

Excited and Smiley,


Hey everyone!  I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of my new (and existing) subscribers!  I would like to give a shout out to all of the people from:

Canada, US, UK, Ireland, Slovenia, Denmark, Poland, Germany, France, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Mexico, Isle of Man, Turkey, Pakistan, Romania, South Korea, and Hong Kong!

Thank you so much! 
Have a wonderful day (or night depending on where you are in the world) filled with happiness and laughter!

Lisa Eldridge - Chocolate Berry Look


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Britney Spears + BCBG = Clothing Line For Sears???

Uh oh... Don't get me wrong, I love Britney, but her fashion sense is not something I want to embrace or channel. she kinda looks like a hot mess most of the time! :(

Britney Spears + BCBG = Clothing Line For Sears???

Fashion and Beauty Blog Giveaways: Active Giveaways...

You have to follow this blog!

Fashion and Beauty Blog Giveaways: Active Giveaways...: "A List of active giveaways, ending soonest... 26th January 2011 Blog: A Little Obsessed Blog address:"

French Linen ♥: $5O MAC Giftcard Giveaway! ♥

French Linen ♥: $5O MAC Giftcard Giveaway! ♥: "*first of all, i'd like to apologize! something was up with my blogger and it took me a while to fix.. for some reason since i'd changed my ..."

brittanylove: Valentine's Day Big Giveaway!

brittanylove: Valentine's Day Big Giveaway!: "Hey Honey-Bees! I'm back again with yet another Giveaway! As most of you know, I sadly had to cancel my previous Giveaway thi..."

Lipgloss Love Affair: Ultimate Urban Decay Naked Palette/Book of Shadows...

Lipgloss Love Affair: Ultimate Urban Decay Naked Palette/Book of Shadows...: "Let's face it. Blog giveaways are solely for the purpose of shameless self promotion. Okay some may say it's for 'giving back to the reade..."

Mirror mirror on the wall: 200+ follower Giveaway ♥

Mirror mirror on the wall: 200+ follower Giveaway ♥: "Hello my cherubs! As promised I have for you all a very special giveaway ♥ I am very pleased to have reached 200+ followers and everytime I..."

KekeChristina: First giveaway - A thank you

KekeChristina: First giveaway - A thank you: "To thank you all for your support I'm going to throw my very first giveaway! The prizes are just random little things I've picked up recentl..."

The Crazy Bitch Beauty Gazette: January Give Away

The Crazy Bitch Beauty Gazette: January Give Away: "Hey all :) I honestly didn't expect anybody to follow this blog so it has came as quite a surprise that I have over 40 followers in such a s..."

Oooh another giveaway

check out the blog and enter the giveaway!

Link to another giveaway!

Check out the blog I have linked to above!  Enter the contest while you are there!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Night on the Town: Survival Kit

You have all been there before... you are getting ready to go out with friends but you have no idea what you should bring in your purse!  You want to bring everything but you know you will regret carrying a heavy purse around... So this post is going to help you decide what to leave at home and what to bring with you!

What you need in your Survival Kit:

* Blotting papers!  They come in small packaging and do a fabulous job of blotting up any oil that is causing your skin to look shiny.  It is much easier to carry blotting papers around than it is to carry powder and a brush!

* Eyeliner!  If you ever line your waterline you know that after a while it can fade or smudge off and you are left with partially lined water lines!  Thats no fun.  So remember to bring whichever eyeliner you used, with you in your bag!

* Lip gloss or lipstick!  When you are out for the night it is almost a guaranteed deal that you will be eating or drinking something.  All of your lipgloss or lipstick will be wiped away and you will be left with nothing on your lips!  So always remember to bring your lip product with you to reapply as needed!

* Compact mirror!  Sometimes the line to the ladies room is half a mile long... If all you wanted was to check on the status of your lipgloss you can just whip out your compact mirror and reapply if necessary.  I caution you, however, to find yourself a more discreet place to do this though.  It is not appropriate to reapply makeup, of any kind, while at the dinner table or the middle of a dancefloor.

* Dental Floss!  If you are eating while you are out there is nothing worse than having food stuck in your teeth and not having any floss to get it out!  They sell really small things of dental floss at any drugstore; so pick one up and put it in your bag!

* Gum!  Fresh breath is a must... I don't really need to elaborate here.

* Four quarters!  This may seem bizarre, but they come in handy... lockers at a club, pay phone, parking meter, tampon/perfume dispenser in the bathroom.

* Hand sanitizer!  I also don't think this requires any explanation... If you are out and about anywhere you should have this with you!

* Eye drops!  If it is going to be a late night, or you wear contacts, its a smart idea to bring some eyedrops with you.  They can really help you feel refreshed and ready to go!

* Hair ties and bobby-pins!  You probably did an amazing job on your hair and it looks fierce!  But by the end of the night you might be hot and ready to put your hair up.  A hair tie and a few bobby-pins are always important little things to keep with you!

There we have it!  10 of my most important "MUST HAVES"!  There are so many more but I tried to pick small things that could fit into most handbags without weighing it down!  Feel free to comment below and tell me what some of your must haves are for your survival kit!

Until next time...


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Straight Up Glam! Check out this blog :)

Please check out the blog I have linked to above!  I have entered a contest and the prizes look amazing!  Go subscribe to her blog and enter the contest too :)


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jersey Shore Season 3

Hey everyone!

I was just wondering... how many of you watch Jersey Shore?  I just watched Monday nights episode (woo bonus episode!) and I loved it.. so much to look forward to hehe...

So who watches it?  What do you think of the season so far?


Friday, January 14, 2011

New Pictures of Me!

Hey everyone!  I was playing around with my makeup tonight and I thought I would take a few pictures to share with you!  Let me know what you think :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My UK Viewers

Hello!  I had a question/favour to ask of my UK viewers... Would any of you be willing to do a swap with me?  I want to purchase something but it isn't available online or in any stores in Canada.  It is the Oilatum face cream... pixiwoo (from youtube) use it all the time and rave abotu it but sadly I cant get it here in Canada :(

SOOOOOOOO I was wondering if someone would be interested in doing a swap!  I could purchase something here for the same $ value and send it to you if you would be willing to send me the oilatum face cream!

Let me know if anyone is interested!


Lisa Eldridge - Pink Glitter Lip

I LOVE this lip look! :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Lo-Down

Hey everyone!
I was at COSTCO today and saw Lo Bosworth’s new book “The Lo-Down” for only$8 so I picked it up and started reading!  It is a cute read so far.  Definitely one of those beach reads, nothing academic whatsoever.  It is a book about life and love, focussing on relationships.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  She hopes to teach all women out there how to spot the wrong guys and how to get yourself a good guy.  Sounds like an interesting read.  It should help keep my brain from exploding because of all my school stuff ha ha ha.  If you are looking for a fun read, check it out!

Clairsonic Mia

Hey everyone! 
I started using the Clairsonic Mia a few months ago and I cannot believe how much it has changed my skin!  For those of you who don’t know what the heck I am talking about, I will explain.  The Mia is a handheld face cleanser with rotating/vibrating bristles.  It literally buffs the dirt and grime and makeup off of your skin!  It leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean!  I had very pink cheekbones, always looked like I was wearing blush.  That may sound nice, but it wasn’t!  I also had redness in other places.  Some of that I can attribute to hormones, a lot of women get redness in certain places because of hormones.  The Mia has helped reduce a lot of that and has helped my skin balance out a lot! 
I have an oily T-Zone and dry cheeks :(  But after using the Mia it has started to balance out!  I must say I have to moisturize way more now, the Mia can be rather drying if you don’t moisturize enough.  If you are looking for a new way to get a nice deep clean for your skin, ***OH YA you can buy an attachment for your body too!***, then this is what you should research and look in to!!!

Tiffany's Everyday Smokey Eye Makeup- Easy, Flattering, Natural, MAC

Gorgeous look!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

16 Questions TAG!

1.       How did you get your username?
a.       Beautymarked is an eyeshadow by MAC that I love!  Also, I have a beauty-mark on my left cheek ha ha ha.  I wanted it to be a little different so that is why I used a 3 instead of an E!
2.       If you could change your name to anything what would it be and why?
a.       I would change my name to Lauren or Savannah; don’t know why but I just like those two names!
3.       If you could go back in time and give your younger self advice, what would it be and why?
a.       I would tell my younger self to wait for love... I am a big worrier and when love knocked on my door for the first time I jumped at the chance.  I wish I would have told myself it is okay to say no and wait for something better.
4.       How old were you when you first learned to blow a bubblegum bubble?
a.       Oh gosh I was terrible at blowing bubblegum bubbles!  I don’t remember the first time I did it successfully lol but I’m sure it was a big deal to me haha
5.       What did you want to be when you were little?
a.       I always wanted to be a teacher... I remember setting up all my stuffed animals and teaching them whatever I had learned that day lol!
6.       What do you order at Starbucks?
a.       For the longest time I would order this: Grande non-fat, no whip, half sweet, no water, extra hot tazo chai ... Mmmmmmmmm sooo good! But lately I have been mixing it up.  I should just go back to what I enjoy the most hehehe
7.       What’s the hardest you’ve ever laughed?
a.       I laugh a LOT!  I love to laugh :) It is my absolute favourite thing to do!  That is why I my second most important/non-negotiable quality in a man is that he has to make me laugh!  (Nice healthy teeth are the #1 thingy)
8.       If you could play any musical instrument what would it be and why?
a.       Violin!  I have always loved it!  I played piano when I was younger and I love that too but the violin is something I have never tried and would love to one day!
9.       What is your favourite thing to do when you are upset?
a.       EAT.  I am an emotional eater and I hate it!  I am the girl with the ½ pint of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream when she gets upset. 
10.   What is your favourite movie?
a.       I love lots of movies!  But I can’t honestly say there is a movie out there that I would watch over and over.  I’m just not that person.  I like to read a book or watch a movie once, appreciate it, and move on to the next!  I love Black Swan right now though... that is one movie that I would like to watch again... so right now my fave movie is Black Swan.
11.   What is one food you cannot live without?
a.       Soup!  I love soup!  My mom makes the BEST chicken noodle soup in the whole wide world nad if I couldn’t ever have that again I would just die!
12.   What is your favourite dessert?
a.       Oh dear... this is hard.  I love sweets, ice cream, cakes etc. But if I couldn’t have cheesecake ever again I would probably die.  But the same goes for ice cream... I love ice cream.  So I would say cheesecake and ice cream!
13.   What is your favourite pizza topping?
a.       Hawaiian with hot peppers!  But if I have to pick just one topping I would say mushrooms!
14.   Would you rather have the ability to read minds or be invisible?
a.       Definitely be invisible!  There is such thing as knowing too much and I think it would make me crazy.  But being invisible could have its benefits lol!
15.   What did you do for your last birthday?
a.       I am kind of weird about birthdays... I don’t like getting older so I don’t really celebrate them lol but I do like the whole present part LOL!
16.   If you could have one personal selfish wish, what would it be and why?
a.       I would wish that I could get all of the winning lottery numbers so I could donate money to my favourite charities and organizations in need.  Anonymously, of course.  The selfish part would be that my closet and garage would also be one of those organizations in need lol!
I hope you enjoyed my 16 Questions TAG!  I tag all of you so I want to see your responses!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stila One Step Correct Primer

Hey everyone! 

A while ago I told you that I was trying out a new primer and I would give you an update on it!  Well here goes...

The Stila primer is actually amazing.  At first I wasn’t too sure about it because it looked hideous when you pumped some out and the different colours mixed.  After I got over that I realized how great this primer really is!  I love the fact that it has 3 different colours in it that help treat different issues: the green balances out any redness in the skin, the lavender balances out any yellowish tones in your skin, and lastly the peachy colour brightens the skin.  All that for under $50? Yes please!  This product will last a long time as you don’t need to use a whole lot.  A little bit goes a long way in this case.  It also claims to help smooth out lines and pores; I can’t say too much about lines... I am only 23 so I don’t have many of those yet, but I can tell you that it helps minimize larger pores.  I have a few on either side of my nose on my cheeks and this seems to be disguising that!  Overall I would say if you are looking for a new primer and want it to have a few tricks up its sleeve, then this is the primer for you!  If you are just looking for something to set your skin and you don’t need/want any of the colour correcting stuff, then you can probably find something slightly cheaper like my other fave: NARS Makeup Primer


What to expect...

I thought I would give you a few things to look forward to!  I have been using the Clairsonic Mia for a while now and I need to tell you guys about it.  It will change your life!  Also, I have fallen in love with the Stila kajal eyeliners... love!  So I will tell you more about those too.  I recently organized my makeup and bought a new 5 drawer organizer thingy that I thought I would take pics of and tell you about!  It makes my life so much easier!  Last thing, I thought I would do a post, maybe even a video LOL of my foundation routine!  Everyone does things differently so it is always nice to see what other people do :)

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


My Friday Night

Hey everyone! 

So Nancy and I went for dinner and then we went to see Country Strong!  It was soooooo good!  But before we went to the movies we stopped off at Shoppers to play with some makeup!  This is where my night turned into the best night ever!  I'm going to sound really enthusiastic here but if you were there with me you would be just as excited LOL!  We met this amazing guy named Jordan, he honestly has the best brows I have ever seen... I'm quite jealous.  We got to talking and I found out he has a youtube channel and does reviews, OOTD's, and tutorials so you should go check him out!

You know when you meet someone, even if it is just for five minutes, and you can just tell that person has a good heart?  Well that is Jordan!  He was so kind and easy to talk to! 

Okay, I am done gushing! ha ha ha

Check him out on youtube and subscribe! :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Faith Hill - Magazine Cover

I recently did a post about beauty and photo editing.  At the time I couldn't find a link I was searching for but alas, here it is.  It is a link that shows Faith Hill and her cover for a magazine.  It switches back and forth to reveal her untouched picture and the edited version.  I think it is important we realize how much retouching goes into pictures like this!

My Favourite YOUTUBE Guru's

I thought I would share a list of my fave youtube guru's!  Please check them out and subscribe to their channels :)

In no particular order:

Easy Red Lips Tutorial

Great "Red Lips" tutorial! Check it out :)

MAC and Drugstore Haul

COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Liquid Silk Foundation:

Price: $14 (on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart)
Colour: # 305 – Alabaster (the lightest shade available)

I love this foundation!  It lives up to its name, it is very silky.  You don’t need very much, it has great coverage and it is super light!  I barely feel like I am wearing anything.  It also covers up the redness in my face better than ANY foundation I have in my collection now.  BETTER THAN ANYTHING!  Even better than my Chanel foundation.  I am really blown away by this stuff :)

L’Oreal Voluminous Millions Lashes:

Price: $10.99
Colour: Blackest Black

I am quite happy with this mascara, it has an awesome wand!  My favourite part is the bottle has a “thing” (real technical term, I know LOL) that takes the excess off of the brush before you pull it out completely.  That is my biggest pet peeve about mascaras, there is always too much on the brush!  But that is no longer an issue!  It really defines my lashes and makes them look great!  It doesn’t really give me much volume though... I am going to try using a few more coats and try it with a lash primer to see if that helps bulk up my lashes!  Overall, I am pretty happy with it, it doesn’t flake or irritate my eyes (I have really sensitive eyes... so I am rather picky about what I put around them!).  I will give you an update about this product soon!

QUO False Lashes

Price: $7.50
Number: 804

I usually get #803 which is really natural looking for my eyes but I thought I would try something new!  I haven’t worn them yet, but I will take a picture when I do use them and post that as an update!  These lashes look a little spikier, I’m excited!
UPDATE: OMG I love these lashes <3 I wore them out tonight and absolutely loved how they made my eyes look!  They are a bit dramatic, so I wouldn't wear them to school (well I might lol but I dont know how many others would be comfortable doing so).  These just might take the spot for my #1 fave lashes!


Tinted Lip Conditioner, SPF 15

Price: $17.50
Colour: Calm Mode

This lip conditioner is DREAMY!  It is a beautiful dusty rose colour and it is lavender scented! YUM!  So far I have been really happy with it!  I will do an update in a week or two and let you know how well it conditions my lips!

Paint Pot

Price: $20
Colour: Chilled on Ice

LOVE LOVE LOVE!  This paint pot is GORGEOUS!  It is a frosty pinky gold and I adore it!  It looks incredible on its own with some heavy mascara :)  I will let you know how it works with other shadows!

Freshwater and Contrast

(Contrast & Freshwater)

Price: $17.50 each

I haven’t tried these shadows yet, but I had no blue shadows so I wanted to pick some up!  I am terrified to use them, but I will play with the colours ASAP and let you know! Ha ha ha!


(L to R: Chilled on Ice, Contrast, Freshwater)

Lisa Eldridge - Warm Toned Everyday Look

I love this look!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TAG: Blogging!

Jenny tagged me in a post on her blog, go check her blog out!  It is called the skinnies!

1. Why did you create this blog?

I created my blog because I LOVE makeup and was looking for a way to connect with people around the world who share the same passion.  I also enjoy blogging as it gives me a way to escape my busy daily life :)

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?

I follow other beauty blogs!  There is so much to learn from other people, I certainly take advantage of it!

3. Favourite makeup brand?

I don’t have a favourite brand!  Every brand has something they do really well, so I like to include those pieces in my collection.  From Chanel to drugstore brands, I love them all :)

4. Favourite clothing brand?

I shop at Old Navy, Roots, Ricki’s, lululemon etc.  Those stores make up most of my closet!

5. Your indispensable makeup product?

Mascara!  I need mascara, even if I am just running out and not doing a full face of makeup I need to put mascara on hehe

6. Your favourite color?

Pink!  I love pink!  But I also adore turquoise <3

7. Your perfume?

Miss Dior Cherie

8. Your favourite film?

I like a lot of movies but I don’t really have a fave anymore, just as long as it’s not a cartoon... I hate cartoon movies lol

9. What country would you like to visit and why?

France!  I want to drink wine and observe the culture!  Look at beautiful art and eat delicious food, with gorgeous men haha :)

10. Make up the last question and answer.

What is your favourite TV Show?
Gossip Girl, Good Wife, Pretty Little Liars, Grey’s, Glee .... there is a lot of fave TV Shows haha!