Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chanel Makeup Application @ The Bay in Conestoga Mall

Hey everyone!

If you follow me on Twitter you probably know that I had my makeup done this past Thursday at the Chanel counter in The Bay at Conestoga Mall.  I want to start off by saying I am grateful for the opportunity and I learned a few tips and tricks from the MUA Summer.  I had a great time and managed to find myself a new bronzer out of the experience... Sadly, that is all the good new I have to report.  Summer used the new Quadra Eye Shadow in Regard Perle, Rouge Coco Shine in Chance (#56), and  VITALUMIÈRE AQUA foundation.  She used several other products but those were the few I asked her to use.  Let me tell you... I didn't like ANY of these products!  The eye shadow quad was disappointing to say the least.  Usually a palette is put together with complimentary colours, any combination of the shadows should give you a beautiful look.  My eye makeup was not pretty... It didn't look like these were colours that came from a predetermined palette (Just my opinion!).  With that being said, I thought the palette looked AMAZING in the packaging... If that counts for anything!  The Rouge Coco Shine was such a let down!  It looked GORGEOUS but it didn't apply very nicely and it vanished from my lips, every last bit of it, within 15 minutes.  When paying that much money for a lip product, I expect it to stay put!  Finally, the foundation looked great from afar but when you got up close it was really cakey and made me look old.  I'm 23 so I shouldn't be looking like I am 40...  I felt she used a lot of products on my skin, much more than I am used to, so maybe I have to try the foundation on my own and hopefully come out of it with a different opinion.  I am not sure if you guys know about this foundation but it is SUPER cool!  It was designed specifically with the needs/requirements of HD photography, video, TV, etc in mind.  Each molecule in the foundation is coated so it illuminates the skin and is appropriate for HD!  The BEST part is that it is lightweight (so they say... the jury is still out on this one right now).  So I am hoping I can change my opinion about this foundation because it is pretty high-tech makeup!  I went back there today and picked up the bronzer she used on me and I will be doing a review on that soon!

Again, I just want to say that I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot from the MUA Summer, it was a pleasure to spend my morning with her! 



  1. i'm glad to hear you had a great experience but boo for the products! you'll have to show us the bronzer you got!!

  2. I find when I have foundation applied at a counter they always put on too much as well. That must have been fun trying out all those chanel products! I used to shop at conestoga mall!

  3. I almost forgot to mention the new quad and individual eye shadows I got to see! The quad has some gorgeous blues in it... really pretty :)

    @Jenny - I will definitely do a post about it! Maybe a video! I finally figured out how to use my camera for videos LOL

    @Justine - It was definitely lots of fun! Have you been to the mall since they have finished all of the renovations? If not, it's pretty nice now and they are really trying to be environmentally friendly :)


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