Friday, July 29, 2011


Phosphor Watch Giveaway!

If you read my last post, you know I recently purchased a Phosphor Appear Black Crystal watch and I absolutely LOVE IT!  I also have one in pink and I just knew I had to do a giveaway!  Phosphor Watches were kind enough to give me a Pink watch to give away to one of my amazing followers!

Here is a picture:

Here are the Rules:

1)     You must be a public follower of my blog

2)     You must follow me on Twitter (@BeautyMark3d)


To enter, please leave a comment with the following information:

-          Name

-          Email address

-          Your Twitter name (so I can double check that you are following me on Twitter!)

-          Why do you want to win this watch?  Be creative! :)

-          Did you Tweet about my giveaway?  If so, please provide me with a link to your tweet

-          Did you Blog about my giveaway?  If so, please provide me with a link to your post

This contest will run from July 29th to August 31st at 11:59pm EST!

The winner will be chosen by ME and the best answer (the question is “why do you want to win this watch?”) will win!  Remember, if you just say you want to win it because it is cute or cool, your chances aren’t that good… be creative!



  1. GFC: Sweet As Honey Blog
    Twitter: @FrenchGirl20

    I love how this clock works. So awesome!

  2. Name:Shannaz
    My Tweet to You:
    Blog:Shanni9695 I absolutely ADORE this Phosphor watch!I've tried to purchase it with my summer savings,but it's really pricey!I've wanted one so badly for my Sweet 16! Coincidentally the contest will be over a week from my sweet 16,and it would be just an awesome b-day present!It matches perfectly with my pink party dress!I would DIE if I got to have,let alone WIN one!Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to have win.

  3. Name: Sumaiya (aka expectasgoodasyougive)
    Twitter: @a_sumaiya
    Tweeted(didn't know how to link tweet):!/a_sumaiya

    Why I would like to win the watch??

    When I look at the watch…I not only see it as a cute and cool watch, but I a connection to my home country Canada. I know, you’re probably like…how on earth does it have a connection to Canada!? It has no connection at all!! Well, let me explain. The color of the watch is pink, yes I know…pink is not related to our country at all, however you have to see beyond it! In order to achieve this color, we blend the colors red and white…the colors of the Canadian flag! Haha…I noticed you are from Canada and so am I, that’s why I was really excited(literally jumped out of my seat) when I saw your cute mini introduction! :) I have a strong love for my country…and when I look at the color pink, I don’t see a girly color at all…I see the combination of the colors of the Canadian flag, that’s why it’s my one of my favorite colors, along with red and white of course! So this is why I want to win the amazing watch…it has an indirect relation to Canada and it will give me a sense of pride if I wear it, as pink is not only my favorite color…but it’s the mixture of the colors of my favorite country’s flag. However, one must really think outside the box in order to perceive this special connection! :) I would wear this watch wherever I go and would literally cry with joy if I do win this watch!!! Thanks for the giveaway Kayla!!! :)

  4. Hi :)
    I'm Monika but following you as Peniam
    mpeczka at gmail dot com
    On Twitter: @Peniamm
    Here is the tweet:!/Peniamm/status/97250005550772224

    The reason is easy, maybe even trivial.. I just adore dark pink.. My nails are actually polished in this pink... Two weeks ago I was getting married and guess what colour was my bouquet and flowers in my hair??? ;) Last year when I was decorating my and my husband's (boyfriend then) flat I almost made in pink ;) He just persuaded me that maybe violet is better.. I wasn't convinced, I'm still not ;)
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway, it's really wonderful!

  5. Thank you for this sweet giveaway! ♥

    I follow you on GFC as Kris Beauty

    I follow you on Twitter @Kris_Beauty

    I tweeted about this :!/Kris_Beauty/status/97272545153253376

    Email :

    I want to win this watch because I think it's the perfect chic & modern watch for a fashion forward girl like me. I love the fact that it stands out with such an unique display and a wonderful color combination. I'm so mesmerized by it right now that I can see myself with this amazing watch on my wrist, checking what time it is :))

    Winning this beautiful watch would make me so happy! ♥

  6. Name: Hadia Salahuddin
    GFC: Hadia Salahuddin
    Email: hadia_salahuddin[at]hotmail[dot]com
    twitter: HadyaS
    Why would I wanna win this watch?
    Well for starters, I think its essential for any one to have a reliable watch on their wrist. Especially if they are students. With the introduction cell phones in our lives, sadly the watched have sort of taken a back seat but not for m. I have this craze for watched since I was a kid. I always stop for watches when I shop and I guess its now become more than just a need. It has sort of become a part of my personality. I feel incomplete without one and know that a good reliable watch is hard to come by so I would absolutely love to get my hands on this baby=)

    thank u so much for the giveaway <3

  7. Name: Ibrahim
    GFC: a-ibrahim
    Twitter: 011ibrahim

    My friend told be about this contest and I just had to enter! I would like to win the phosphor appear watch because my mom’s birthday is on the day the contest ends (even though it might take awhile for delivery IF I win, it’ll still be an awesome late b’day present) so it would be superb if I won! I know I’m a guy, but I really want to get my mom something special. I think she deserves this because I know that I was a handful for her when I was young so I feel that it would be a really sweet gift, along with the chocolate cake I’m making (not such of a cook, but I’m giving it a shot)!! What can I say, I’m a momma’s boy!!! I have the best mom in the world and I think giving her this watch would bring a huge smile to her face, as she had never owned something this expensive in her life. So I would definitely like to win this contest and give back to my mom who worked really hard to raise me! : )

  8. I follow via GFC as FrancesDanger and on Twitter as FrancesMFDanger
    francesdanger (at) gmail (dot) com

    I want to win this watch because it reminds me of the Swatch watches from the eighties. I love the eighties. I would wear this with a lace glove and jelly bracelets. I'd watch The Smurfs and eat Jelly Bellies while wearing it. I'd be just like a character from a John Hughes movie because I had it.

  9. Name - Jordan Nogiec
    Email address -
    Your Twitter name - @jordansweetn
    Why do you want to win this watch? - i love glamour, and nothing really says glamour like a phosphor watch. you know i have to wear black to work. so i basically only wear black, everyday. a pop of colour would be real cool! im not going to write this long sob story to get sympathy vote. i want this watch because its really cool, and looks so nice on!
    Did you Tweet about my giveaway? -!/jordansweetn/status/98782801133965312

    love you!!

  10. Name: Mahbooba
    Twitter: @Mahbooba1

    WOAH!!! There’s a lot of creativity in some answers! Lol…mine won’t even be that amazing! lol
    When I think of Phosphor watch, I think of elegance! It’s very feminine, sophisticated, simple and unique. I’d really love to win this watch because I think it’s an amazing self-esteem booster! You know how you wear certain clothes that make you feel good about yourself and just make you happy?? Well…I think, the Phosphor watch is just that! It’s like the watch has magical powers that kinda boost your mood when you’re having a bad day and just wearing it will make you feel better.
    Also, it’s a digital time watch, which makes it a lot easier for me to read instead of taking like an extra 3-4 sec. I’m very bad at reading time, so having a digital watch that’s both sparkly and chic makes it a lot easier for me. Plus, I think it’s more convient to use this watch when looking at the time as opposed to your cell phone! Sometimes at work when I have to check the time…it’s gets kinda hard because you don’t want to be rude and take out cell phone in the middle of a meeting or in front of your co-workers.
    I also want this watch because it gives a different touch to your fashion. Everyday, I’d wear bangles or bracelets, it gets really boring…so it would be nice to have a watch on instead of wearing other things. Especially at work, when it’s really acceptable to over accessorize!
    Another reason why I’d like to win this watch is because now a days, not many people wear watches sine they just look at their cells more often. So it’d be great to bring that back by wearing this cute watch and actually encouraging people to wear them. I know that I get asked what the time is everyday, and sometimes I look kinda dumb not having a watch!
    Wow…I write too much!! :P Hahah, I hope I win this watch…it definitely has some kind of mysterious hypnotizing power! Thank you so much for this giveaway, I hope I win!!! :)

  11. Name - Aileen of Gustosa Giveaways

    Email address - gustosagiveaways atymaildotcom

    Twitter name - @gustosagiveaway

    Why do you want to win this watch? For the longest time since high school ( I`m on my 30's) I don't have a pretty watch. My last watch was given to me by my father and before I graduated high school it was broken. Every morning I need to stand up from the bed just to see what time is it already. If it is not time to wake up i go back to bed, but If had a wrist watch I will not do it anymore.

    Tweet -!/gustosagiveaway/status/98962229969436672

    Blog post -

  12. Name: Cheriel Anna Niña Titco.


    twitter name: 16labsme.

    i want to win watch because its new here so im the first to wear here in our country.

    twitter url:!/16labsme/status/98986573793722368

  13. Name - Anna (gfc -anna_k67)
    I want to win this watch because i love watchs and need new
    hope i win

    anna_k67 at yahoo dot com

  14. Name: Lexi ( following you as xoxlexxixox on the blog and twitter)
    Twitter: xoxlexxixox

    My best friend, Sumaiya, told me about this giveaway and told me to follow you! :)
    I really want to win this watch because I am heading off to my first year of university and would really like having a stylish watch to keep track of time. I have to constantly change classes and keep on track of everything, so this chic watch is perfect for my everyday use when I’m at university or anywhere for that matter! :) And, pink is my also favorite color…most of my wardrobe consists of pink and pastel colors, so I think the Phosphor watch would be a perfect match for both my wardrobe and my use at university, as I can’t afford to buy an expensive, cute, and high quality watch right now…especially since university is going to start soon for me! :/
    Thank you so much for this giveaway Kayla! <3

  15. Tina Renee
    treneebarker at hotmail dot com
    Twitter: @warp65
    Following via GFC: Tina Renee Barker

    I would love to break free from my usual classic style watches and sport a bold, contemporary Phosphor watch! I'm especially smitten with the
    M3D technology and Swarovski crystals! This pink watch could bring life to any outfit & make me stand out from the crowd!

  16. GFC Name : Bachuchay
    Twitter follower : iambachuchay
    Tweeter post:!/iambachuchay/status/99265493550112768

    A mother will do everything for her daughter. As a single mom, I make sure that all my daughter's needs will be well taken care of and that means giving up some for myself. I cannot remember the last time I bought a watch for myself because everytime I see a watch that I love, I always look at the price and then think about it..the money I'll buy for this watch can be used for our household needs.. so I'll end up not buying the watch.

    I would still love to be fashionable even if I'm a single mom and I think I deserve this watch ;)

  17. GFC follower
    girl23rocks at hotmail dot com
    twitter follower @Alliegal101

    I'd love to win this because recently my aunt was diagnosed with cancer. After going through treatment and losing her hair, I don't think she feels pretty anymore. I'd love to give her this gift and tell her that she is still one of the most beautiful women I know, and always will be.

  18. GFC:Chal

    It was a year ago when I first saw a watch like this in real life and I was totally amazed on how awesome this works. I mean, it's very unique and I will really be happy and very thankful to you if I get to win and own one through this blog giveaway. That would be a cool gift for my birthday on the 26th of this month.
    I'll be entering a new school in a couple of months and this watch would be a great conversation piece in meeting new friends. This will make me feel confident because I know that it suits my style--quirky with a touch of charm. Being myself.

    More power to you! :)

  19. GFC: Sachi (I'm co-using the email of my sister.)

    Just when I thought I had seen every watch imaginable--along comes Phosphor! A breakthrough in digital watch. (Kudos to the company, they're geniuses! I am really impressed with this invention.) So amazingly awesome be ready to receive "Wow!" and "Cool!" comments even from strangers in the street.

    This is perfect for someone like me who will enter a new school in a couple of months. This is gonna be a great conversation piece that I can wear with pride. Imagine a girl walking confidently and gracefully at the corridor never running late because she has a watch she can always rely on.

    I really want this watch and BeautyMark3d is like an angel who fell from heaven, generous enough to have this giveaway. Oh, what a chance! God bless you! :)

  20. GFC name: Alta Infante

    blog post:

    I want to win this watch because I can't buy a new one. :( And im also interested in its style. it's girly, funky and very cute! :)

  21. HI~
    Actually i seldom wear watch but when i saw this watch,it immediately catch my attention!The color of watch is my favourite color,and the design is simple and beautiful. I dislike watch that have complicated design.This watch give me an impulse to have it!So,i hope i can win this~
    Blog's post:
    Thanks your giveaway n goodluck everyone~

  22. ia amanda moore
    i fom canada
    my e mail is
    and love have one i do not see tham here
    i love to have one thar so lovey

  23. Name: Asad
    GFC: asad.a
    Twitter: etu_a

    I want this Phosphor watch because it reminds me of Cinderella. Instead of the glass slipper, it’s an elegant watch! Since the color of the watch is pink, it reminds me of a fairytale because anyone wearing this watch will feel like a princess!
    I would also love to win the Phosphor watch because currently I do not own one, as being a student and all…I can’t really afford one at the moment. If I win, I would take amazing care of it, as if it was my baby, and keep it new! The watch will last me forever!!! :) It’s is a piece of art and it’s very mezmorizing!! It’ll never go out of style!! This watch is an instant fashion statement. You can wear something really ugly and have a bad makeup/hair day…but the watch will makes up for everything! It's new to the eyes and it gives off a vibe that will truly make you feel so confident!
    I would also like to win this watch because someday…I’ll would like to give this watch to my future daughter(if I have one) and then it could be passed down to my grandchildren and so on. And I’m serious about this!!! I love it so such!! You know how they pass down a necklace or some sort of jewelery to each generation in a family. Well…I’d pass on this watch, because it would be a very special thing in my heart! :)
    Thanks for this giveaway!! :)

  24. Hi!

    --- Name: Nicole O. | --- GFC: SAUCY | f. | BABY

    --- Email: saucy.baby21[at]gmail[dot][com]

    --- Twitter: @saucyfbaby

    I want to win this watch because I think it's a great statement piece. I'm really into fashion & I love how this watch is not only functional, but fashionable. Coco Chanel once said, "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. I think this watch personifies both of those qualities. There's nothing like dressing up to make yourself feel good. I don't dress in order to impress others, I dress myself in order to be happy & confident. If I know I look good in my eyes, then that automatically gives me confidence. I also think accessories are just as important as any part of an outfit. It can either enhance your outfit or ruin it. I'd really love to win this watch. Thank you for the chance!


  25. name: Rebecca Rodriguez
    twitter id: liltootsie22

    Tweeted this giveaway:!/liltootsie22/status/102510946076995585

    The reason for me wanting to win this watch is that I absolutely love my rockin' sense of style and this watch matches that sense of style, perfectly! This watch absolutely screams out my name since it is unique, bold, and definitely makes a statement... just like me! I am a confident woman who is confident in her style and this watch would just be the extra butter on my biscuit!

  26. ♥ Name : Rusydina Tamimi
    ♥ Email :
    ♥ Twitter : @nyusshebat
    ♥ tweeted :!/nyusshebat/status/102708529453993984
    ♥ blogged :
    ♥ btw i put this giveaway on my blog sidebar :)
    ♥ i wanna win this watch because of the colour of this watch is pink and I ♥ Pink so much ! I Hope i can be a winner :D


  27. Thanks for the giveaway!

    GFC: frunchezzcuh
    Twitter name: @frunchezzcuh

    I want to win this coz I'm a sucker for watches. And I love how it works!

  28. Super Yayness ! I am so excited with this giveaway. I would like to participate in it.
    Anw i am totally follower through Google Friend Connect name liz. I follow you on twitter bird name dokidokico :)
    I spread words here!/dokidokico/status/102958036473229312
    Here I spread words about your giveaway in my blog :

    Much Thankies for the chance dear
    Good luck for me


  29. GFC: meetjosmith
    Twitter: @meetjosmith

    I want to win this watch because
    It's so pretty and sparkly you see
    It's pink, its cute, it's oh so cool
    So basically, this watch is me!!

    jodie0402 (at) gmail (dot) com

  30. Gizem Guler ( googlefriendconnect: Gee Gee Gee )

    twitter : Gee_G_

    Gosh,where do I start.I've been thinking about buying a watch for a while now but NOTHING caught my attention.Untill I saw this watch online.I was completely mesmerized by it.It will be the first watch!! I've ever owned.I have NEVER EVER worn a watch in my life.Not even when I was little.I just never liked how they looked.So I think it would be great to have that gorgeous watch as my first one.And another thing,swarovski...what more can I say. :D

    I really hope I win this!
    Thankyou for this givaway!

    xxx Gee

  31. Name: glimmo
    Email address:

    - Twitter name: @FatemaGill

    - Why do I want to win this watch?
    because i don't have any!


  32. Name: Burcin (also gfc)

    Email address: burcin.cevik.bir at gmail dot com

    Your Twitter name: Burcidi

    Why do you want to win this watch?

    My watch just died! But apart from that, I love that this one is digital because the other ones always confuse me. Especially when there are no numbers and just a bunch of lines. I have to stare at it for a minute to figure it out!

    Plus this is a PINK watch and it is recommended by YOU, so it has to be amazing and I have to try it!

    Thanks so much hun!

  33. Name: Hartinah
    Twitter: @hartinah

    i love this watch because it's beautifull. That gorgeous pink somehow remind me about Paris Hilton, she's awesome.
    But mostly i love this watch because it's beautifull (ohh i say it twice) and different. I like being different :D

  34. Name:Emmy
    Email address:
    Twitter name: @emmybear411
    Link to my tweet:!/emmybear411/status/105050237458055168

    Why do I want to win this watch:
    I would LOVE to win this watch because I currently do not own a watch but I REALLY want one because I think they make AWESOME accessories but I do not just want ANY watch, I want a watch that really "speaks" to me, a watch that calls out to me and says, "Emmy, I was made for you, I should be on your wrist, we should be together." So a few months ago I set forth on my long, hard quest to find a watch that says this to me. For the longest time, I felt lost, like my wrist would never ever have a watch on it but alas! One night I was online on a website and there was an ad to the side for a company called Phosphor Watches. I clicked on this ad and it took me to the phophor website. I clicked on the tab that took me to the watches for women and one specific watch had me hypnotized, it was like the only things in the world were me and that watch-it was hot pink, my favorite color, and had more than enough swarovski crystals on it to satisfy my cravings for all things blingy and girly, and the fact that it was an easy-to-read digital watch with the new innovative technology that made the numbers change inside the crystals-that sold it. This was the most beautiful and precious item I have ever seen-until I saw the price...$249.00 is a really good price for a watch this amazing, it really is, but I am still a student and with all of the other things I have to pay for, that's where all of my money goes and I do not have the extra 249 dollars to spend on a watch-even the watch that was made just for me:/ So then I lost all hope...until right now when I was looking over my favorite blogs and just saw this giveaway on your blog...Maybe this watch and I really are meant to be together:)

    THANK YOU:)!!!

  35. Name: Christina

    Email address:

    Twitter name: christinaonline

    I want to win this watch because not only is it in my favourite colour pink, but I am absolutely fascinated by the technology. I recently got accepted into the Alberta MBA program specializing in Technology Commercialization which talks about bringing new ideas, products and technologies into the marketplace.

    I am very inspired by this product because Phosphor has found a way to combine both science and fashion into a regular watch making a very unique product. The M3D technology combined with the Swarovski crystals makes this unique watch such an interesting combination showing that fashion can still be functional at the same time.

    Thank you for considering my entry.

    My tweet to giveaway:!/christinaonline/status/105359237332480000

  36. Name: Samara
    GFC: samara.b.a
    twitter: samara_ba

    I have been following your blog for a long time! But haven’t officially followed you until today(as in actually make a google account and follow you). No joke, I seriously have your blog on my ‘favorites’ bar and check everyday for an update, it’s like my Bible that I religiously follow! After reading your “Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque”, I actually bought my own and it works so magically that it’s become one of my favorite hair products of all time!!! So thank you so much for recommending this!!! I have always loved your posts on your blog and loved the fact that all the things you actually recommend are not only truthful but satisfying! I recommend your blog to everyone I know!! :)
    So after reading your blog, the watch sounded amazing and I really want the Phosphor watch and actually try it out for myself!! But due to very little money and low income(I’m a university student paying my own fees and working for $11.50/hour as a bartender)…I can’t afford to buy it myself. So I actually decided to make a blog and follow you officially! I even signed up to follow by e-mail for updates!
    I would really love to win this watch because it’s pink. I love all shades of pink- all my bed sheets and most of my wardrobe has various shades of pink! I would have painted my walls pink too, but I have a dorm room and I stay with a roommate…so that wouldn’t have worked! So after seeing this watch, I was immediately attached to it because it’s PINK with crystals!!! I would also like to have this watch because I never owned one, other than a really cheap one. When I was little, I had this pink plastic watch from dollar store that I always wore wherever I went! Haha…that was my favorite watch! So after seeing this one, it kind of reminded me of that watch. I think having a watch is a staple when it comes to accessories. I’ve been trying to find myself a cute pink watch that I could use on a daily basis, but I just can’t seem to find one. So this is why I’d love to have this watch…it’s pink and useful! I am not very good when it comes to arriving on time, because I am always forgetting the time or I’d run out of time. So I think having this really gorgeous watch will help me with this awful habit. No joke…once I actually walked into a meeting half hour late!!! It was so embarrassing because I was standing there awkwardly not knowing what to say!! So if I win this watch, it would really help me out! I’d probably be admiring the watch so much and just looking at it for a long time that I won’t forget the time and would actually be on time instead of facing an awkward moment where everyone is silently looking at you!! I know I can simply use my cell phone to watch out for the time, but honestly…I find it such a hassle sometimes trying to search into my purse for my cell. I think a quick glance at a cute digital watch will not only make it convenient to see the time, it will save even more time than searching for my cell phone in my purse or reaching into my pocket!
    Plus I have a confession…I can’t read watches that are non-digital, I’ve been bad at it ever since I first learned it in grade 1! I told all my friends about your giveaway! :)

  37. -Name: Alina Vrinceanu
    GFC: JustAnAngel

    -Email address:

    - Twitter name- JustAnAngel11

    -Why do you want to win this watch?
    I love this watch because for me this is a challenge. I never wear pink, but this is a really nice watch. I would definitly wear it in a black outfit so it would pop up.
    -Did you Tweet about my giveaway?!/JustAnAngel11/status/107609822840619010

  38. Hi!

    Via gfc, I follow you as doroffee.
    Via twitter, I follow you as doroffee, too.

    I'd like the watch because it's such a little gemstone... not like your average watches, it so adds a little extra to your outfit. and it's hot pink!!! <3

  39. GFC: Sarah Crawford
    Twitter: sarahcrawford14


    I would like to win this watch because I love watches and I don't have one like this. Also, I like wearing pink accessories because I support breast cancer awareness and when people ask about my pink accessories I can tell them what I am supporting. I have lost 3 strong women in my life to breast cancer and anything I can do to help the cause, I will do.

  40. Marina (Marina D. on gfc)
    isollea at gmail dot com
    twitter: isollea
    Why do you want to win this watch?
    - Because it's cute! Ok ok, I am just joking :) I have to admit that I never wear watches and that's why I am always late. My friends and family are always mad because of that but I can't help it. I just didn't find right watch for me. So, when I saw that you're doing this giveaway I was like "That's the perfect watch for me. It's a magical watch because I would never be late again". So, help me become magical Marina who is never late. My friends will be forever grateful :)

  41. GFC: miha.ela
    mihaela.mihordea at gmail(.) com

    This is a really nice watch, feminine and masculine equally, I love the combination. it's perfect for urban outfits ! will be my first watch and I hope to be lucky enough to wear it :)


  42. I'm Gfc follower as Ana D,
    And i follow you on twitter as Maslacak 1812.
    my mail is anchy121(at)gmail(dot)com.

    Why i want to win this watch? hello, have you seen it? It's is amazing, and it's nothing like watches we have here in Croatia. It is absolutely fabulous


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