Monday, February 21, 2011

Smashbox’s In Bloom Eye Shadow Palette and Cream Blush Duo

This palette is incredible!  The shadows are so buttery soft; I could play with them all day.  The immediate colour pay off is good but not great for some of the colours.  A primer is suggested to help enhance the colours and keep them from creasing.  The cost of this palette is $55 and at first I was a little put off by it, but then after seeing how much a single eye shadow would cost, I realized how much of a steal it really was!  There is a great range of colours and the palette has the ability to create soft delicate looks as well as more evening appropriate looks.  I highly recommend this if you can get your hands on it!
The cream blush duo is amazing, I love both colours.  They also work wonderfully as lip colours.  I prefer the lighter shade for my skin tone, but I love them both!  I had only tried on other cream blush before (MUFE) and I liked it but found it a little tricky to work with, not the case here.  This stuff is easy to apply and blends in fabulously.  Pick it up if you are on the market for a new blush!

Colours from the top of my arm down to my hand represent the colours in the palette (top, bottom, top, bottom etc. L to R) hope that makes sense!


  1. Oh no! Now you're making me re-consider the blush!! Your pictures are fabulous! I love how bright and true to life they are! =)

    Andrée xx

  2. Hey! I hope that the pictures are good, I took them with my iPhone so I wasnt too sure how they'd turn out! I really like the blush :) I think its going to be great for spring and summer! You should go to your local Shoppers Drug Mart or Sephora and try it on, that should help you decide :)


  3. Hehe, I work at Murale so it's very easily accessible to me! =P I tried it on today and I loved it even more than when I had swatched it. I actually might pick it up tomorrow!
    Those pictures are of amazing quality especially since you took them on your phone! What kind of phone do you have? =P

    Andrée xx

  4. Ohh I have never heard of Murale before.. I just checked out the website and it looks nice! I would love to work at a place like that or a Sephora! Although I would never bring any money home because I would just spend it all there :| LOL ... I am glad you liked the blush! Its going to be great for spring and summer. As for my phone, I have the iPhone 4. I enjoy it, but I am not that impressed with the camera. It is supposed to be GREAT but honestly my blackberry had a better camera lol



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