Monday, June 6, 2011

Spa Day at Langdon Hall

Sunday June 5th was the most relaxing day I have had in a LONG time!  For my birthday (June 14) my parents gave me a wonderful gift... a relaxing day at the spa!  Langdon Hall is a beautiful country house and spa in Cambridge, Ontario.  Driving up the windy road gave me butterflies as I was filled with SO much anticipation!  I finally caught a glimpse of the beautiful red brick and white pillars and I knew I was going to love the next 8 hours of my day :)

My day started off with a facial and Denise took me to a beautiful little facial room with a conical ceiling.  It was devine!  I then had a manicure with Joanna, the parrafin wax  is a must, it makes your hands so soft!  She painted my fingers a beautiful pink, and I got to keep the bottle!  After my manicure, Stefan gave me a Swedish massage and used heated Thai Stems on my back.  These stems were filled with herbs and the oils are released onto your skin and the heat aids in muscle relaxation.  After my massage, I was brought to the patio where I sat beside a lily pond and enjoyed my lunch.  I had a BBQ Back Bacon & Brioche sandwich.  It was alright, the bacon was a little burned, but it was still good.  Dessert was by far the BEST part of the meal, maybe even the whole day!  I ordered a milk chocolate souffle and it was to die for.  I bake a lot and taste test nearly everything I bake.  I almost always order dessert when I go out to eat so I have consumed my fair share of desserts in my life time and this was the best dessert I have EVER HAD!  EVER HAD! (yes I meant to type that twice!)  It was sinful, I felt as though I had something to confess and ask forgiveness for!  I never thought food could offer so much pleasure!

After my lunch I sat by the pond and read my book for a while.  Then I had my last appointment of the day, my pedicure.  It was filled with entertainment from a few ladies who had too much to drink!  The parrafin wax is, again, a must have!  Ashley painted my toes a beautiful lavender colour and I was able to keep that polish too!

I met so many wonderful people, staff and guests, and I will never forget them!  I can't wait to go back for another day of bliss *and chocolate souffle* :)

Overall, it was the best birthday gift I have ever had!!!  It was so relaxing and I really appreciate the day :)
 If you would like more information about Langdon Hall please click here or leave a question below and I will happily answer :)

Thank you for reading!

Yours Truly,

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