Monday, May 30, 2011


Hey everyone!

I am so sorry I have been MIA for a while.... My laptop MELTED... literally MELTED so I am waiting for my new one to arrive.  So blogging has been nearly impossible to do at work!

Blogger has also been acting really weird... I cant reply to any of your comments :( So please dont feel like I am ignoring you, I have been reading all of your lovely comments!

My giveaway ends tuesday night for the Sigma brush giveaway... but don't worry if you didnt get a chance to enter, or you don't win... I think there might be another giveaway happening REALLY soon!!!!! ;)

Hopefully Blogger gets their stuff sorted out and my laptop comes in ASAP and we can all get back to blogging happily :)


Love you all!

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  1. blogger is being a real pain at the moment, I know a lot of other bloggers are having similar problems and some unable to connect at all :(

    hope your new laptop comes soon and blogger sorts itself out! xx


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