Thursday, December 30, 2010

Synergy Esthetics

Hey everyone!

Here we go!  I have finally gotten a chance to do a post about Synergy!  I have gone to Synergy a few times now to get my nails done and I have been quite happy with the results!  I have done the gel nails (biosculpture) which allow my nails to grow and get stronger as well as look fabulous for two weeks, no chips! 

The first few times I had them done I had them add length to my nails, but the last two times I just had Cindy add the gel over my own nails, no added length.  The gel nails just soak off, no need for those electric buffers.  Just your normal manicure tools! 

The last time I went in I got a french manicure done on my nails and I was very happy with the look!  Sadly, they did chip :(  It started with my right index finger and then the right ring finger and now its the right middle finger!  So I have three chipped nails...  I think 2 of them chipped within the "2 Week" period, so I guess one of the chips which happened after, is acceptable ha ha ha.  I have a feeling that it only chipped because it was the french manicure... I think because the white at the bottom is slightly thicker than the rest of the nail it can get caught on things a little easier... Again, this is just my idea! 

I really enjoy these nails as I am able to do what I need without worrying about my polish chipping for about two weeks.  They look great and are rather affordable! 

Check out their website for more information or to book an appointment!

Synergy Esthetics

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