Sunday, February 20, 2011

Top TEN Spring Must-Haves

#1 – Bright Colours
Bright pinks, oranges, blues, greens, and purples will freshen up your look and have you ready for spring!
#2 - Thick Heels
Say goodbye to your skinny stilettos, and say hello to thick heels!  Look for something with a pop of colour or perforated leather (it’s really in!)
#3 – Colourful Stripes
Whether you go for a dress, shirt or skirt try one with colourful stripes, thick or thin!  It is really fun and flirty, great for spring time!
#4 – Envelope Bags
These bags are really cute; very sleek and chic!  Keep in mind that bright colours are in!  You won’t be able to fit the kitchen sink in there, but it will be the perfect accessory for a night out on the town.
#5 – Sleeveless Jackets
This is such a versatile piece and will work with so many things in your wardrobe.  That’s the kind of item I like most; you know you will get the bang for your buck with an item like this.  Pair it with a dress, jeans, or dress it up a bit!  Having a small capped sleeve will add a little feminine touch to it.
#6 – Snakeskin
Remember with this one, a little bit goes a long way!  You don’t want your entire outfit to be snakeskin, try a slinky dress, hot heels, or a gorgeous bag!
#7 – Modern Whites
White is so chic, delicate and clean.  Try a dress, ruffle top, or linen jacket & pant suit!
#8 – Peasant Blouses
These blouses are gorgeous!  You can get them in any colour or print and they will look amazing with some white skinny pants or a cute skirt!
#9 – Bright Gold
Bracelets or necklaces – as long as they are bright and dramatic!  This will be more of a statement piece, rather than something you wear daily.  Add some fun to your next outfit!
#10 – Flirty Florals
We know that the colours for spring makeup trends have been light florals; soft pinks, mauves etc.  Well, floral prints are in too!  Skirts, dresses, and blouses, oh my!

* Top 10 Trends found in People magazine (March 2011)

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