Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hello beauties!

I received my LUSH products today and I cannot wait to jump in the shower and try out my ROCK STAR soap and the BIG shampoo! :)

I tried the bubblegum lip sugar scrub and omg it is amazing!!!  Smells delicious and feels so great!  I will try out the lip tint tomorrow and let you know how I like it!

I just couldn't wait to tell you about the things I got :)  I will post an update to this review with my thoughts and ratings on each of the products.


BIG shampoo rocks my friggin socks!!  It felt so amazing in my hair and creates a lot of lather!  this morning when I woke up my hair felt like marshmallows... it was so soft and full of body!  RIGHT AFTER I WOKE UP!  Once I straightened it and all that jazz it was still full and super soft.  I love this stuff! 5/5 for sure!

Snow Fairy lip tint is FANTASTIC!  I didnt like the smell very much, to be honest, it is kind of "fake" smelling but it looks amazing on.  It is this soft delicate pink colour.  It gives my lips colour without looking like I have anything on.  Love it!  I don't like that I have to stick my finger in the pot to get some out; a stick would have been better for me, but I will just sanitize my hands before every use! Despite the minor issues I have with it I still give it a 4/5 :)

The ROCKSTAR soap is a big dissappointment... whomp whomp whompppppppppp.  It smells so fake and plastic-y.  I am not impressed at all :( My skin was funny smelling after my shower!  I wanted to re-shower! I give this product a 1/5 and a thumbs down.

The lip scrub, as I mentioned above, is the best thing EVER!  It smells and tastes delicious and works really well!  My lips looked soft and plump.  5/5 for sure!!!!

Lots of love and big smiles,


  1. i want the bubblegum lip scrub and snow fairy lip tint!! :D


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