Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mary Kay Cosmetics: REVIEW

Hey guys!

So last night I went to a MKC Consultants home for a foot spa experience and here are my thoughts on the products and the experience.

I will be completely honest with my review... I will always promise you that!

I was not impressed.  I was expecting a spa like experience and what I received was far from that.  When setting up this appointment I was under the impression I was getting more of a pedicure experience but when we arrived at the house we were told she wouldn't be touching our feet as it wasn't her thing.  So we used the scrubs and creams on our own.  This would have been acceptable if that is how it was marketed to me.  I can rub cream on my feet at home with my own products; nothing 'spa like' about that.

The products smelled nice while applying them and seemed to moisturize well but after 30 minutes my hands felt dry and itchy.  Maybe too many additives?

I have pictures of products and can do a full review on them if anyone is interested but I really wasnt impressed with anything so unless anyone wants more information on Mary Kay, I think I will just move on :)

I would like to thank Gloria for her time and opening up her home to us. 

Please remember that I am just giving my personal opinion... You might absolutely LOVE MKC and don't understand what I am talking about here.  That is just fine :) I am quite loyal to my Clinique and Chanel face products and Bath & Body Works body lotions so I will just stick with those!

Have a great day everyone and do let me know if you want to see more about these products!

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