Saturday, October 23, 2010


This make up sponge is incredible!  It was designed to leave you with the most natural looking finish; and it does!  So let me tell you about the product:

- you should wet the sponge first, squeeze out all the water, squeeze it again between a clean towel
- dip into your foundation and stipple it onto your skin (dab/stipple/bounce/blend ... you get the point lol)
- the cool egg shape was designed to help apply your foundation evenly across your face
- MUST wash after EVERY use!  It sounds tedious but you really should be washing your brushes and applicators frequently anyway so this is just one product that you have to wash even more frequently!
- There is a cleanser that comes along with it and you only need a TINY bit or you will be trying to rinse soap out of the sponge for hours lol

I loved this sponge, it really gave a nice finish to my skin and I didnt end up using as much make up!

I give this product 4/5 :) I loved it but I know that the "clean after every use" is a bit of a pain so thats the only reason I didnt give it a perfect score!

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