Sunday, October 17, 2010

OPI Nail Polishes

I picked up a few nail polishes the other day and really liked two of them.  OPI's "You Don't Know Jacques" is my fave!  It is a taupe/grey color and looks fanastic after two coats.  I highly recommend doing a mini manicure before applying this polish as it will show every bump or ridge in the nail.  It also requires lots of drying time in between coats.  This may sound  like a bad review, but I promise it is worth the extra effort!!  The other colour is "Diva of Geneva" from the SWISS collection.  It is a beautiful wine/rich magenta colour and it too will show any bump or ridge in the nail so make sure you prep your nails properly :) 

In my ratings of the polishes I have given "Diva of Geneva" 0.5 less just because I didn't LOVE it as much as I loved "You Don't Know Jacques".  But who knows, if you try it you might like it more!

"You Don't Know Jacques" - 4/5
"Diva of Geneva" - 3.5/5

I hope you will try these polishes and enjoy them as much as I have!

L to R: "Diva of Geneva" and "You Don't Know Jacques"

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