Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hey everyone!

I wanted to talk to you about Vitamin Water. I have been obsessed since it first touched my lips. I definitely have my favourite flavours but there isn't one that I won't buy. I can happily say that I have created a few Vitamin Water addicts since I have discovered the product!  Vitamin Water is so cool because it is loaded with different vitamins and minerals and each drink caters to different things; ie) Energy, Mega C, Focus, etc.

What does glacéau mean?glacéau vitaminwater – the original from new york – is a great-tasting, active lifestyle hydrating beverage packed with vitamins and minerals to help get you through your day. While most beverages are just about flavour and refreshment, glacéau vitaminwater is about much more...simply put, it works!

I was sent three different flavours of the Vitamin Water10: recoup - peach mandarin, go-go - mixed berry, and grape-raspberry. I was excited because I had never tried these 3 flavours before! I loved the grape-raspberry, it’s a new fave! The only one I didn’t like was the mixed berry. I found I was thirstier after drinking it, but that is the only one I have encountered so far that has had that effect.

I recently discovered Spark – blueberry-grape and I think I have a NEW FAVE! It is so good! I was it on sale and bought 10!

Not only is this stuff jam packed with vitamins, it actually tastes GOOD! Everyone needs to stay hydrated, so why not enjoy every sip while you do it!

Click here to visit their website and learn more!

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