Friday, January 21, 2011

Night on the Town: Survival Kit

You have all been there before... you are getting ready to go out with friends but you have no idea what you should bring in your purse!  You want to bring everything but you know you will regret carrying a heavy purse around... So this post is going to help you decide what to leave at home and what to bring with you!

What you need in your Survival Kit:

* Blotting papers!  They come in small packaging and do a fabulous job of blotting up any oil that is causing your skin to look shiny.  It is much easier to carry blotting papers around than it is to carry powder and a brush!

* Eyeliner!  If you ever line your waterline you know that after a while it can fade or smudge off and you are left with partially lined water lines!  Thats no fun.  So remember to bring whichever eyeliner you used, with you in your bag!

* Lip gloss or lipstick!  When you are out for the night it is almost a guaranteed deal that you will be eating or drinking something.  All of your lipgloss or lipstick will be wiped away and you will be left with nothing on your lips!  So always remember to bring your lip product with you to reapply as needed!

* Compact mirror!  Sometimes the line to the ladies room is half a mile long... If all you wanted was to check on the status of your lipgloss you can just whip out your compact mirror and reapply if necessary.  I caution you, however, to find yourself a more discreet place to do this though.  It is not appropriate to reapply makeup, of any kind, while at the dinner table or the middle of a dancefloor.

* Dental Floss!  If you are eating while you are out there is nothing worse than having food stuck in your teeth and not having any floss to get it out!  They sell really small things of dental floss at any drugstore; so pick one up and put it in your bag!

* Gum!  Fresh breath is a must... I don't really need to elaborate here.

* Four quarters!  This may seem bizarre, but they come in handy... lockers at a club, pay phone, parking meter, tampon/perfume dispenser in the bathroom.

* Hand sanitizer!  I also don't think this requires any explanation... If you are out and about anywhere you should have this with you!

* Eye drops!  If it is going to be a late night, or you wear contacts, its a smart idea to bring some eyedrops with you.  They can really help you feel refreshed and ready to go!

* Hair ties and bobby-pins!  You probably did an amazing job on your hair and it looks fierce!  But by the end of the night you might be hot and ready to put your hair up.  A hair tie and a few bobby-pins are always important little things to keep with you!

There we have it!  10 of my most important "MUST HAVES"!  There are so many more but I tried to pick small things that could fit into most handbags without weighing it down!  Feel free to comment below and tell me what some of your must haves are for your survival kit!

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